Life of Pi

life of pi

"I love you!" The words burst out pure and unfettered, infinite. The feeling flooded my chest. "Truely I do. I love you, Richard Parker. If I didn’t have you now, I don’t know what I would do. I don’t think I would make it. No, I wouldn’t. I would die of hopelessness. Don’t give up, Richard Parker, don’t give up. I’ll get you to land, I promise, I promise!"

– Yann Martel, Life of Pi (2001), p. 298


這段故事背景是這樣:當 Pi 和 Richard Parker (一隻孟加拉斑紋大老虎)成為船難中唯二的生還者並同處一艘救生艇上,在度過許多為食物、飲水、暴風雨掙扎求生的日子後,突然看到一艘大油輪往他們方向開來。Pi 在發射信號彈和狂吹口哨後,大油輪仍置若罔聞的直往救生艇撞來。Pi 使盡剩餘力量將救生艇搖開油輪航道後,眼看油輪駛離遠去,突然冒出的話。


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