[Music] Device 22B3

Device是我唸書時候很喜歡聽的一個流行樂團。不過,他們的搖滾風格可能比較偏向流行,不太受老派硬式搖滾樂迷的欣賞。喜歡是一種私密的感覺,不需要求得他人認同,雖然這個樂團只出過一張專輯 22B3,我卻正好適逢其會賣到這張專輯,也就喜歡上了。


這張專輯中,我最喜歡的一首歌是第5首的"When Love Is Good",因為未發行單曲,所以放在網路上,可以由右邊的Window Media Player播放。

deviceExcerpts from Wikipedia – Device

Device was a short-lived pop-rock trio formed by keyboardist, bassist and vocalist Holly Knight, vocalist Paul Engemann and guitarist Gene Black.

Device’s only album, 22B3, was released in the spring of 1986. It produced a Top 40 single in the U.S. with "Hanging on a Heart Attack," which peaked at #35 on the Hot 100. The band’s second single, "Who Says", peaked at #79. Both of these songs were promoted by music videos which garnered MTV rotation, and both were released as 12" singles with remix and dub versions which received club play. A third single was released, while the album peaked at #73 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. Mike Chapman produced the album.


frontBetter known as a songwriter, Knight started her career with the band Spider during the early 1980s. She wrote hit songs for Pat Benatar, Scandal, Heart, Cheap Trick, Tina Turner and many others. Turner had covered Spider’s "Better Be Good To Me" for her Private Dancer album and had a major hit with the song in 1984.

After Device disbanded, Holly Knight released a 1988 self-titled solo album featuring her own version of "Love is a Battlefield", which she had written for Benatar, and continued writing songs for other performers. She released an additional solo album during the late ’80s.

Paul Engemann, who previously sang on soundtrack cuts produced by Giorgio Moroder, joined Animotion. He took over for the original lead singer, Bill Wadhams, and sang opposite Cynthia Rhodes on Animotion’s 1989 Top Ten hit "Room to Move." Coincidentally, Knight had recorded the original version of Animotion’s biggest hit, "Obsession", as a duet with Michael Des Barres; the two co-wrote the song, which appeared on the soundtrack to the 1983 film A Night in Heaven.

Gene Black continued to be involved in session work, including a similarly themed ’80s band, Wild Blue, best known for the aggressive dance-rock singles "Fire With Fire" and "International Language of Dance".

22B3 was re-released on CD by Renaissance Records in 2007 with the same track list as the original release, and is currently in print.


Paul Engenmann : lead vocals
Holly Knight : keyboards, bass, vocals
Gene Black : guitars

Device - 22B3 - BackTracklists

01. Hanging On a Heart Attack
02. Who Says
03. Pieces On the Ground
04. Tought And Tender
05. When Love Is Good
06. Didn’t I Read You Right
07. Fall Apart, Golden Heart
08. I’ve Got No Room For Your Love
09. Who’s On the Line
10. Sand, Stone, Cobwebs And Dust


Device – Hanging on a Heart Attack













Device – Who Says


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